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It's all about box... box... box!

Our current business structure and focus has been in place since 2009. It took careful assessment from 2007 till 2009, trading through general recycling products, to establish which market we wished to focus on. The current structure and focus fulfils all the criteria in terms of our global obligation to reduce our individual carbon footprint.

By reducing the need for entirely new products, we are reducing the drain on our natural resources. By reusing K4 paper boxes, we are slowing down the consumption of oxygen producing forests. And once, in their current state their usefulness is over, these products are further reduced and reused through the recycling processes. In association with our network of clients and suppliers, our expansion has meant reduced costs to all of us, to our living planet and our future generations.


General Business Information

Business Name

|M W Lebese Trading Reduce and Reuse Packaging Solutions (Pty) Ltd
 | R R P / Reduce and Reuse Packaging

Company Registration No


VAT Registration No

|4420273114 | BBBEE Certificate
Central Warehouse Address|20 Birmingham Road
Postal Address|P O Box 18684
Telephone Numbers|+27 78 477 6144 | +27 81 817 1835
Website Address|www.reduceandreuse.co.za
Contact|William Lebese
email| williamsr@reduceandreuse.co.za

Trading Details

Focused Product Line|

Reusable K4 cardboard boxes - New K4 cardboard boxes - Buff tape - Clear tape - Refurbished wooden pallets - Fumigated wooden pallets - Recyclable pallet wrap.

Focused Service Line|Cost auditing on the above lines.
Focused Financial Terms|Payment on delivery.
 |Terms negotiable on bulk deals.
Focused Company| We reduce and reuse !

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