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K4 cardboard (carton boxes and other products) is a processed, low-quality paper which can only be recycled for cardboard production 3 to 4 times. Therefore. . .

 . . . reduce and  reuse your packaging | then recycle.

At RRP, our packaging solutions are based on responsible green-resource management. Trading through medium to large distribution centres we have available to our individual clients both supply and outlet for renewable, reusable and recyclable packaging.

Reduce !

We structure both income generating and cost reducing  packaging solutions for businesses with continual stock transfers. Through our national trading network, once boxes are refurbished, sorted and bundled, we reissue your reduced (flattened) good quality surplus K4 cardboard boxes and will reimburse you at market related prices. Reusing the same network we are able to supply box Stock 1 to Stock 7 eliminating the environmental and financial costs related with new box production.

Reuse !

Reusing 1 ton of K4 cardboard boxes means 100% saving on material reprocessing... up to 446 kWh of energy, 267 litres of oil and if dumped 12.66 cubic meters of landfill space. Reusing these boxes just once between each of the fibre processes means an energy saving of 1 784 kWh and 1 068 litres of oil. It also extends the time by 400% before virgin wood pulp (the renewable resource) is required again. Reusing natural packaging reduces your carbon footprint, is financially sensible and ecologically responsible.

Solution !

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