K4 Cardboard box sizes

It's all about box... box... box!

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Our standard box supply (stock on hand)  come in either single wall board or double wall board. In addition to the available sizes below, we often have production overrun stock and/or batches of good quality, reusable K4 cardboard boxes in bigger and smaller sizes.
Stock 1
  150mm width
  100mm length
  100mm height
Stock 2
 width 230mm
  length 150mm
 height 150mm
Stock 3
  250mm width
  150mm length
  250mm height
Stock 4
  width 300mm
 length 230mm
height 300mm
Stock 5
  450mm width
  300mm length
  300mm height
Stock 6
  width 600mm
length 450mm
height 300mm
Stock 7
  450mm width
  450mm length
  500mm height

Image to illustrate size variances only

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